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[Posted by Iru on January 20th, 2013, 6:55 am]

As i uploaded this page on a german comic-platform, some users confused this soldier with the Medic Dan.

It's not Dan ;_;! I'm so sorry if he looks like him TAT

(And yes i can't draw those... hats T__T )


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[Posted by Knightly on January 21st, 2013, 1:57 am]

Yeah he looks like Dan a bit however not his attidute.

I don't like the look in his eyes.

Every page of this comic is intense. Either show how good human kind is or how low they can get.

I don't know how things will turn out after this page but I have two predictions:

a- Soldier rapes the lady and feel that is justified as they own them their lives. They are bloody damn rescuers, yes?

b- Lady can get close/intimate with soldier to provide her son better conditions.

Man, war sucks. Even today while nearly everyone talks about wanting peace, butterflies and rainbows they still arming for war, selling guns, playing politic games to salvage other countries to make their country better. In the end children grow up with seeds of hate and it takes ages to heal those wounds.

Heh I am talking too much I think. So next one please. :D


[Posted by Iru on January 25th, 2013, 12:05 pm]

@Knightly: You really got interesting thoughts! I must confess, that i also was thinking about the topic rape. So I did a lot of research. But rape was never mentioned in any books or homepages. Of course nothing is sure.

Unlike in the east of germany where it was more known that the russian allies did such things.

In the end I decided not to make the comic too "dark". So rape is (for now) not included.

I also read about soldiers, who were just upset that the germans saw them as rescuers. Because the germans let this all happen and now they "pretend" to be the victims. Really interesting.

I can understand you feels, knightly. Peace and all lovey dovey is something this world will never achieve. At least not all over the world.

You never talk to much XD!

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